Retræte på Kreta 2017

Med B. Prior & The Form – Reality Practice


Stemninger, Inspiration og Liv!

“What happens on retreat is not ordinariness. The light goes to a place where you are available and in that availability much moves, much undoes and much is understood. You become un-blinded. You begin to clearly see and open. No longer ‘a someone’ but pure outpouring.”

“Walk as light, don’t just ‘know’ light. You want it in form. You be and walk the embodiment of the depth of your knowing”.

“Let the brokenness happen and you will find sweetness. What you are cannot ever break and it shines through the brokenness”.

“Cease navigating life with your usual forms of experience. Just put them to one side and move from the smallest tender moment within. Stay there and love will move. The inner doors of your heart will fly open. Only there lie all the solutions to life”.

“Your only experience is: I am knowingly aware I am Awareness, that in which the universe forms and moves and dissolves in my return to the deep, to the source that I am.”

“Recognise core beliefs are being faced or opened and the process of allowing the dark to pass through your awareness is essential for the manifestation of your pure lights of being into form. Don’t turn back from it.”

“Be all that you are, totally open, not held back, all given! Life is an extraordinary awareness coming to life”

“If you just sat here without being self-centered, you would Self-Realise. If you can have a self centre and not be of it, that’s freedom manifesting.”

“Having any interest in the struggle will manifest more struggle”

“Allowing the struggle ends it!”

“The body-mind is not an illusion. The illusion is the patterned core beliefs that Awareness has brought into the body-mind. That’s the only illusion handed down from father to son, mother to daughter. It’s like that. No one’s to blame because your father is not your father and your mother is not your mother.”

“The Cave represents the prior to. The void. That’s why people retreat to a cave, To come to the Real Self. There you discover the mind will stop.

You find there is no substance in the cave. It is pure and clear awareness. This is where it all begins and all ends in you.

When you come out of the cave you walk in the forms. All the stones you walk on is what you individuated and separated.

These stones you are passing through for the transformation of form in your new bright awareness”. B speaking in The Cave of Zeuss.

Keep entering, I … walking through… forms with delight as I seat more and more in the Self… levels of egoity. pain.

Discomfort being met as “I” surrender… entering the space of surrendering to what IS… birthing gently the new… new relationship with forms opening… so much bowing down

Essentially the practice of The Form is the letting go of old ways and the movement of Being developing the new way — the true way of Being.

It is a subtle change. The change is from thinking: “That’s my hand.” to: “Prior to that hand moving, my Being is moving and the spaciousness that I am as Awareness is without beginning or end.